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Bitcoin Halving:

- Bitcoin entered a new epoch with the block rewards halved, resulting in miners getting 3.125 BTC for every block they mine.

- The comparison between Bitcoin and Gold shows that Bitcoin's steady-state issuance rate fell below that of Gold for the first time in history.

Institutional Adoption:

- Hong Kong approved the first batch of crypto-related spot ETFs, potentially positioning it as Asia's leading digital asset hub.

- The Canadian financial sector experienced a 26% rise in institutional investors integrating crypto into portfolios.

Price Predictions:

- Standard Chartered predicts that Bitcoin will soar to $150,000 in 2024.

- Nexo experts shared thoughts on Bitcoin's price dynamics above $60,000.

Bitcoin's Halving Impact:

- The programmed halving event has led to significant interest, with items like an 'epic sat' from Bitcoin's fourth halving block being auctioned off for $2.1M.

- Many see the halving as a reminder of what Bitcoin brings to the era of finance.

Stablecoin Adoption:

- The number of addresses holding stablecoins has surged by 15% this year, reaching a record high of 93.6M.

- Tether (USDT) leads the stablecoin market with a market cap of $114.07B, comprising over 80% of stablecoin addresses.

Token Movements:

- Notable tokens such as WIF, BONK, SHIB, and HBAR saw significant movements in the market due to various reasons and news.

- These movements reflect the ongoing dynamics in the token market.

Swiss Bitcoin Advocacy:

- A group in Switzerland is pushing for the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to include Bitcoin in its reserves through a referendum, highlighting the potential benefits and warning about potential disadvantages if delayed.

- The campaign aims to 'safeguard Switzerland's sovereignty' by amending the constitution.

Fidelity's Bitcoin Adoption Report:

- Fidelity Digital Assets reported a doubling count of Bitcoin wallets holding $1,000 or more of BTC, signifying a notable surge in adoption.

- Significant Bitcoin 'whales' are also displaying heightened demand for BTC.

Regulatory Round-up:

- Bitcoin's L2 aspirations and its impact on regulation.

- The potential implications for the crypto economy in 2024.

Bitcoin Enters New Epoch:

- Lower inflation compared to gold's and its significance.

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