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TA/LCA/Psychological Analysis: What a crazy week! Our buy orders from the Sunday report two weeks ago were perfectly executed, reaching the 60.5k mark region with precision. Furthermore, Bitcoin continues its movement within the predicted range with remarkable accuracy once again. For more than a month now, I've been calling this sideways movement between 72k and 60k. You can clearly observe how resistance holds firm on this two-week chart around the 69k region, which is the ATH of 2021 at the same time.

Yesterday we re-tested the all-time high levels from March-April 2021, watch the chart below, and you will see the perfection. Indeed only the blind wont see. This tells me one thing, which I've CALLED again and again: market makers are gearing up for the next upward movement. However, before this occurs, we require a healthy market environment—less leverage and retail investors on the sidelines or panic-selling out of fear. Funding rate is healthy, and is much lower than it was at 74k a month ago. Which is a sign, a very bullish sign. Indeed, many of you are blind.

Moreover, note how the weekly chart is likely to close at or above the weekly EMA50, currently positioned at $64,800, which underscores the perfection of my words that anticipated this move two weeks ago calling EMA50 weekly a magnet. Indeed you will see it closing above today! Its a guarantee from my side, and I tell you it will happen! At the same time we highlighted that if #Bitcoin reaches the liquidity pool around the 60k region, it's an opportunity to buy, precisely as mentioned in the Sunday report two weeks ago. Guess what happened?.. Whoever listened and bought is in big profits. Those who panic sold are already humiliated. The breakout from this range is anticipated to be to the upside, and those who panicked and sold yesterday will likely regret their decision.

During periods of red candles, many tend to the urge to sell with panic, fearing the worst. But let me ask you, how often have you anticipated the end, only to be surprised by massive green candles a few days later? Events such as the China ban, COVID crash, or FTX crash have historically marked capitulation, followed by significant upside movements. Furthermore, history demonstrates that the onset of wars, whether Vietnam, Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Russia-Ukraine, often precedes a parabolic rise in the stock market. Wars, unfortunately, tend to be bullish for economies.

Furthermore, despite the cooling down of the funding rate, there has been a significant influx of new USDT in recent weeks till this day. Bitcoin's previous all-time high of 74k coincided with a USDT market cap of $102 billion. Despite the continuous printing of USDT, with the market cap now at $107.5 billion, Bitcoin's price remains surprisingly lower. This suggests that Bitcoin is currently fairly valued in terms of total money circulation (USDT). Market makers and significant players are evidently positioning themselves for the forthcoming substantial upward movement. Considering these factors, alongside the arguments presented in recent Sunday reports, it becomes evident: the super cycle is gearing up, and the ultimate pump is yet to be witnessed. Please make sure to understand that we move in a range. A 10% pump or dump is still in this range of 72-60k region. Sooner or later you will understand

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